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Ombar: delicious all day, everyday

We LOVE cacao, and think it can (and should!) be incorporated into every meal - here's how!

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From increased happiness to glowing skin and a healthy heart, raw cacao has countless health benefits, and has been used for centuries as a source of wellbeing. That’s why we’re on a mission to get more and more people introducing quality, raw chocolate into their lives. All Ombar ingredients are natural and minimally processed to deliver as much goodness as possible, resulting in a delicious, highly nutritious chocolate that can truly be enjoyed any time of day! We’ve rounded up some of our favourite ways of enjoying Ombar, along with simple recipes that can be devoured throughout the day, spanning from breakfast, snack-time and right through to dinner. Who knew chocolate could be so versatile hey? Try fitting some of these into your diet, for your most cacaolicious day yet:


Ombar Pancakes

As we so often hear, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start off your day in the best possible way - with pancakes, Ombar style! We created this Vegan Pancake Tower Recipe for Pancake Day, but they’re great any time of the year.

No time for pancakes? Why not try grating Ombar onto your usual bowl of porridge for a truly chocolatey makeover. We like ours with fresh berries and Ombar Blueberry and Acai - simple but extremely effective, and a perfect start to the morning.


Sweet Potato Mole

Chocolate and savoury food we hear you ask? Oh yes, raw chocolate can give your meals a rich, luxurious flavour perfect for adding depth to stews, pasta sauces and chilli. We love it in this Sweet Potato Mole, which you can make the night before and bring into work the next day – a nourishing alternative to your usual sarnie.

Snack time

Tahini and Ombar Chunk Cookies

Afternoon strikes and it’s very easy for the mind to wander towards food again. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these Tahini and Ombar Chunk Cookies. They may sound very naughty (and taste it too), but with a handful of healthy ingredients these cookies are a natural, on-the-go way to fuel your afternoon.

If you’re not into baking, Ombar dipped strawberries is a super simple snack idea, and totally delicious. All you need to do is gently melt your chosen flavour of Ombar and dip your strawberries in, then pop them onto a tray lined with greaseproof paper and into the fridge until they’re set.


Smoky Puy Lentils in Soft Shell Tacos

Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better, we’ve got a delicious dinner idea that can be made for one, or used for dinner parties when entertaining friends. These Smoky Puy Lentils in Soft Shell Tacos are inspired by South America, and use the Ombar 90% bar to create a slow-cooked, smoky dish, sure to tingle the taste buds! The chocolate in the sauce is subtle and warming, and helps with the acidity of the tomatoes.


Salted Dark Chocolate Pots

The one we’ve all been waiting for! It’s no surprise that Ombar makes for an absolutely scrumptious dessert – use it with cakes, biscuits, ice cream or yoghurt for a chocolate experience like no other. One of our favourite sweet treats post dinner are these Salted Dark Chocolate Pots, the sprinkle of salt makes them super sophisticated, and the wholesome ingredient list ensures you won’t be getting a sugar buzz just before bed.

The best way to enjoy your Ombar? In our experience, pure and simple straight out of the pack, letting your senses take over and savouring every single bite. Pause, take a deep breath and enjoy our little pieces of pleasure. We call this the Om Moment.

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