The rise, fall & Rise of Cacao

From sacred gift of Central and South American Gods, to modern-day super food, we’re fascinated by the story of the humble, and truly amazing cacao bean:

1. Blessed Beans

Aztecs and Mayans considered cacao to be a sacred gift from the gods. Considered more valuable than gold, it was consumed during rituals by kings and priests.

2. Cacao cure

When cacao arrived in Europe, it was again considered to be very valuable as a health drink, even prescribed by doctors for a host of ailments.

3. Industrial revolution

In the 18th century cacao processing changed hugely. The making of cocoa powder and then, later, ‘eating chocolate’ made it more accessible to a wider population.

4. Milk & More

When dried milk was added, chocolate became more of a sweet confection than a health drink. Cacao as an ingredient took a back seat and large manufacturers dominated chocolate production.

5. Cacao rediscovered

Thanks to fair trade and organic initiatives, people became more aware of where and who made their food. Cocoa solids percentages and origins became important and gradually cacao came back into the conversation.

6. Beans boosted

This rediscovery brought an interest in cacao and its health benefits. The first superfood trend exploded, and Cacao was recognised for the superfood it truly is.

7. Ombar to the rescue

We started making authentic cacao rich chocolate from our kitchen table, with the intention of making a healthier more ethical chocolate without compromise.

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