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Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla now available in large ‘sharing’ bar!

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Double the size, double the flavour, double the deliciousness.

Our well-loved Centres Coconut & Vanilla chocolate bar has just become twice as good and twice as big! It’s now available in a bigger 70g ‘sharing’ size at Waitrose stores across the UK.

Never tried our Centres Coconut & Vanilla chocolate before? Well, prepare yourself for possibly the creamiest vegan chocolate combination ever! This delicious organic chocolate bar has a soft, velvety truffle middle in which creamy coconut meets sweet and gentle vanilla. The luscious truffle is then wrapped in our classic 60% raw chocolate to create an enchanting combination which will leave you feeling serene, satisfied and ‘om’.

Made using only the best Ecuadorian raw cacao, our 70g Centres Coconut and Vanilla chocolate bar is all-natural, plant-based and free from refined sugar. Like the whole of the Ombar range, Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla is made using unroasted cacao and low temperature processing, keeping it choc-full of the nutrients and rich flavours that nature intended. All of our chocolate is certified organic and made with ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s chocolate you can feel good about!

Centres Coconut and Vanilla 70g bar is the latest addition to our best-selling Ombar Centres range. A pleasure on the palette, our Centres range is uniquely different from our solid chocolate bars. All the flavours in our Centres range have a creamy, smooth truffle centre coated in a layer of our classic raw chocolate, making them a delight to bite into as your teeth sink through both the outer chocolate and the velvety filling. The Centres range includes three unique flavours: Coconut and Vanilla, Raspberry and Coconut and our latest flavour, Pistachio. Each bite will melt on your tongue and is sure to satisfy even the fussiest of chocolate lovers.

70g Range

Coconut & Vanilla is the first of our Centres range to be made in our large, sharing bar format. The large Centres Coconut and Vanilla bar joins our other 70g bars, including Coco Mylk (our vegan ‘mylk’ chocolate), 72% Cacao (a delicious dark chocolate with caramelly coconut sugar) and Coco Almond (a 60% chocolate filled with whole, crunchy almonds). These ‘sharing’ chocolate bars are available in the free-from section of Waitrose stores across the UK.

The bigger size means even more goodness and deliciousness. You could well have enough to share the joys of seriously good chocolate with friends and family (if they’re lucky)!

So what’re you waiting for? Seize your Om moment today. Pop into Waitrose and grab our new Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla 70g bar.

Centres Coconut and Vanilla 70g bar


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