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Cacao... Our hero

At the heart of our chocolate is cacao (cocoa beans) an incredible superfood packed with heart-healthy polyphenols, manganese and magnesium, antioxidant properties, over 300 natural compounds and essential nutrients and minerals that nourish the brain, immune system and muscles. Pretty impressive, right?

At Ombar we want you to enjoy as many of these health perks as possible. So we:

Put More Cacao in

From 55% cocoa solids right up to 100% pure cacao, there’s no scrimping on the good stuff.

keep our cool

The nutrients and minerals in cacao are damaged by heat so we don’t roast our beans. Instead we use unroasted cacao processed at cool temperatures.

Raise the bar

All our ingredients are vegan and organic, such as whole, unrefined coconut sugar - a healthier alternative to the refined sugar in most chocolate. We even add probiotics to some of our chocolate bars for all those microbiome fans out there.

The truth about chocolate

Cacao might be good for us, but what is actually on our shelves?

Most milk chocolate is made as cheaply as possible by adding lots of sugar, milk and palm fat, and only enough cacao to legally call it chocolate. Sadly, there’s barely enough cacao in these bars to give any health benefits.

Then there’s dark chocolate. Some ‘dark chocolate’ bars have as little as 36% cocoa solids. And even those with high percentages may be using beans processed at high temperatures, compromising all that natural goodness.

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Cacao or Cocoa?

Cacao (pronounced ‘ka-cow’) is made from beans that are unroasted and dried out at low temperatures so that all their incredible nutrients are still alive. Standard cocoa is made from beans that are roasted, so many of their precious health qualities are lost.


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