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How to be mindful everyday, the Ombar way

Recent research has proven that being more mindful in every day life can boost overall wellbeing, and what better way to do so than with a bar of Ombar in hand!

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Mindfulness is no longer viewed as something only for yogis and wellness gurus; it has become an everyday method for slowing down, recharging and finding that moment of calm. Being more mindful of your breathing, environment and daily decisions can help you use your time more wisely, reduce stress, and most importantly, boost your well-being, according to new research.[i] It’s no wonder then that the mindfulness movement is seeing a huge surge in popularity! Want to give it a go for yourself? Practice these 3 easy ways to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine:

Eat Mindfully

Mindful Eating

Find yourself grabbing a quick breakfast on the go, rushing through your lunch, or mindlessly chewing your dinner? Instead, try and set aside some time this week to sit down and enjoy your meal.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, so why not set your alarm 20 minutes earlier and make something you never normally have time for – Vegan Pancakes anyone? When lunchtime strikes, try eating well away from your desk, go explore your local area or building and find somewhere you can truly focus on your food in a peaceful environment. For dinner, put your phone away, shut off the telly, and be present with your dining companions – food brings people together after all!

Essentially, mindful eating is all about reducing stress, savouring the flavours of our food and enjoying healthy, balanced portions of foods that enhance our lives. Paying attention to what you’re eating and how your body feels often means stopping when you’re 80% full.

For us, this is to leave room for a delicious treat, there’s nothing better than unwrapping an Ombar at the end of the day and eating it super slowly - savouring every blissful bite. This little moment of chocolatey bliss creates the perfect opportunity to meditate, using the delicious tastes and aromas of chocolate to de-stress and unwind. Follow our step-by-step Ombar Chocolate Meditation guide – for a gentle approach that can help ease you into the practice of mindful eating.

Drink Mindfully

Drink Mindfully

When dealing with a stressful work schedule and hectic social life, it can be easy to overindulge in alcohol every now and then. However, alcohol might be making you even more anxious or tired, as it reduces the absorption of certain nutrients, such as crucial B vitamins[ii], which help to alleviate nervous tension and low energy levels.

Next time you find yourself craving a glass of wine, try choosing a cup of tea to wind down instead. Not only does drinking tea possess numerous health benefits[iii], the act of making a cup of tea is the perfect moment to practice mindfulness and become more aware of the daily activities we often perform automatically. Take a moment to observe and reflect; in what order do you perform the tasks, what noises does the kettle make, how does the tea smell? Or simply watch as the teabag slowly clouds the hot water with colour. These few minutes can act as a mini meditation, while your mind recognises the many sensory phases that occur in a simple task, like making a cup of tea. Additionally, sipping your tea can also provide a few quiet moments of calm, helping to ease anxious thoughts.

Sleep Mindfully

Sleep Mindfully

An important factor for your general well-being, and especially your mental health, is getting enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is not only a powerful stress-reliever, but it can help you be more mindful of your actions, as your mind and body are in an optimal state. Achieving the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night can be easier said than done however, especially when you’ve got an incredibly busy schedule. Increasing your magnesium levels may be the answer. Known as nature’s chill pill, magnesium can help you relax in the evening, as it’s associated with calming and relaxing properties. Luckily for us, cacao is rich in magnesium; in fact pure raw cacao can contain almost 500mg of magnesium per 100 grams. So tucking into an Ombar 90% Cacao Bar can help you get a better night’s sleep, leaving you refreshed and revitalised in the morning. To find out more about the calming qualities of cacao read our blog post How Cacao Can Help You Relax.

Some days when it all gets too much, take the time to pause, take a deep breath and enjoy a little piece of pleasure. A moment of comfort and bliss. We call this the Om Moment. We hope this article helps you find yours.

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