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What allergens are in Ombar chocolate?

Read more about allergens here

Is Ombar suitable for my dietary requirements?

All of our chocolate is 100% vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soya-free, palm oil free and free of refined sugar, meaning it’s suitable for most! If you follow a Kosher diet, Ombar chocolates are not currently certified kosher so won’t be suitable for you – sorry!

For allergen information please see our Allergy Info

I’m allergic to nuts, can I eat Ombar?

As we work with almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts and peanuts in our factory, there is a risk that all our products may contain peanuts and other nuts, so we don’t recommend our chocolate to nut allergy sufferers.

Ombar contains flavanols - what is a flavanol?

A flavanol is a type of flavonoid found in cacao. Flavonoids are antioxidant compounds which are believed to protect against cell damage. Research shows that the flavanols in cacao can help to lower blood pressure, promote normal blood clotting function and - as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine - help to decrease the risk of heart disease.

Where do Ombar’s ingredients come from?

Our ingredients are natural, organic, and minimally processed to deliver as much goodness as possible. We source our ingredients from the following regions:

Premium unroasted cacao from sustainable smallholdings in Ecuador.

Oats from the UK.

Coconut sugar and creamed coconut from the Philippines.

Unrefined cane sugar from small-holdings in Colombia.

Vanilla from Madagascar.

Fruit from Europe.

Why ‘unroasted’?

Most chocolate contains cacao roasted at high heat which destroys many of it’s healthy properties. Instead of roasting we use only the finest unroasted cacao, processed at lower temperatures. This means that we’re able to pass on the many amazing properties of cacao to our wonderful customers.

What makes Ombar chocolate healthy?

We’ve unpacked the ingredients of conventional chocolate, thrown out the bad stuff, and put it back together again to make a healthier, tastier chocolate bar. All of our chocolates are:

Made with unroasted cacao – we craft at low temperatures to retain cacao’s natural superfood goodness.

Refined sugar-free. We make our chocolate with coconut sugar. Unlike cane sugar, it’s unrefined, whole and mineral-rich.

Dairy-free - we believe a plant-based diet is better for our bodies and the planet.

We pack our bars with all-natural ingredients.

Free of additives and preservatives.

Where does Ombar deliver to?

We deliver to the UK, and further afield. However, EU orders are currently suspended. Please input your postcode into the shipping rate calculator to see if we can deliver to your location, or contact [email protected] for more information.

How long does UK delivery take?

We aim, wherever possible, to dispatch orders placed Monday-Thursday within 24 hours. We aim to dispatch orders placed Friday-Sunday, the next working day.

Usually your chocolate will arrive within 3-5 working days.

How much does UK delivery cost?

UK standard delivery is £1.50 and for orders over £27 it's free . You can pay for express shipping services and will be given this option at the checkout.

Do you ship online store orders internationally?

Unfortunately, due to stricter customs regulations imposed since Brexit, our team has been unable to send orders from our online store overseas without facing expensive customs and duties charges. Because of these complications, we’ve had to make the very difficult decision to stop shipping to international addresses for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry though, you can still buy Ombar abroad! We work with international distributors who help deliver Ombar to retailers around the world, from France to Australia!

Please contact for more information on where you can buy Ombar in your country.

Where can I buy Ombar?

In the UK you can find Ombar in Waitrose, Ocado, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market, and many independent health food shops - both in-store and online. To find your nearest UK retailer, visit the stockist finder on our website.

We also sell our chocolate in over 15 different countries:

In Germany Ombar is stocked by Rewe, Denn’s, Bio Company, Violey and NaturPur, you can also find us in independent health food shops.

In France Ombar is stocked by Biocoop, La Vie Claire, L’Eau Vive, Botanic, Biomonde and Naturalia as well as many independent health food shops.

You can also shop with us direct, just head over to the shop part of our website.

What’s the shelf life of Ombar chocolate?

The shelf life of a bar of Ombar is 12 months for all bars and buttons, other than Centres Pistachio, which is 9 months and Centres Hazelnut Truffle which is 10 months. Not that we think you’ll be able to resist for that long…

If the bar is past its expiry date, it’s still perfectly safe to eat, it just won’t taste quite as nice.

How should I store Ombar chocolate?

To keep it at optimum quality Ombar is best stored below 20°C.

You can put Ombar in the fridge but we don’t recommend this as you won’t experience the full flavour of the chocolate. If the weather’s hot and you refrigerate our chocolate to avoid melting then we recommend you let it come to room temperature before eating.

I'm ordering as a gift, can you include a gift message?

Yes we can! Once you've added the products you're buying to the the cart, you'll see a field in the cart where you can type your gift message. We'll hand-write your message onto a special gift note and include it in the box, free of charge. If we can see that your order is a gift, then we won't include the printed receipt, but you'll still receive a receipt on email.

How does Subscribe & Save work?

A subscription option is available for most of our chocolate products, meaning you save 10% on all subscriptions and get your favourite chocolate delivered to you every 30, 45 or 60 days without having to lift a finger! Orders are charged automatically once your order is shipped and you can cancel, skip or update your subscription order at any time.

How do I set up a subscription?

Find the products that you want to buy, click 'Subscribe & Save', choose whether you want your products delivered every 30, 45 or 60 days and add to your basket, your products will then be delivered to you automatically at your chosen frequency.

How do I cancel or pause or amend my subscription?

Log into your account, click on 'Manage Subscriptions' where you can cancel, pause or amend your subscription any time.

How do I change my address or payment details?

Log into your account, click on 'Manage Subscription', where you can change your address and payment details.

One of my subscriptions products is out of stock, will the rest of my subscription be fulfilled?

Yes, the other products in your subscription will be delivered as normal.

Can I apply additional discounts to my subscription order?

No, additional discount codes can’t be applied to subscriptions.

I forgot to cancel my subscription, can I cancel an order which has renewed and processed?

Unfortunately, no. You will receive a reminder email about your subscription renewal 3 business day’s before it is processed. We require at least 2 working-day’s notice to cancel an upcoming shipment. If your renewal order has already been processed, we are unable to cancel this.

Where are Ombar ingredients sourced?

Ombar ingredients are natural, organic, and minimally processed to deliver as much goodness as possible. We source our ingredients from the following regions and we use never use air freight:

Premium unroasted cacao from sustainable smallholdings in Ecuador.

Coconut sugar and creamed coconut from the Philippines.

Vanilla from Madagascar.

Fruits from Europe.

Live cultures from Italy.

Is Ombar packaging eco-friendly?

Like you, we believe in recycling. The outer layer of paper we wrap our bars in is fully recyclable. However, the inner layer (made from paper and foil bonded together) is only recycled by a very small percentage of local authorities. So in most cases this should be thrown away with your general waste. We’re working hard to find a solution for the inner layer which is recyclable and also provides the chocolate inside with enough protection.

We’re pleased to be able to say that our buttons bags are fully compostable. Just throw them in your compost bin with vegetable peelings - within a few weeks the bag will have completely broken down and returned to nature.

If you place a large order, you might receive a bigger box filled with packing peanuts. These are used to ensure the quality of our chocolate isn’t compromised during its journey to you, and are 100% biodegradable – just run them under a cold tap and watch them disappear, just like magic!

All of the cardboard that we display our products in and use to ship orders is also fully recyclable.

Is Ombar fair trade?

Yes, we are certified fair trade by Fair for Life. We even pay more than the fair trade recommended price for our cacao.

We’re proud to work closely with our suppliers to ensure everyone, from farmers to exporters, are compensated fairly and we have our own representative in Ecuador, Paola, who oversees this for us.

Is Ombar vegan?

Yes – all our chocolate is 100% vegan, certified by the Vegan Society.

How many bars of chocolate do Ombar make per day?

We can produce up to 23,000 bars a day in our small Cambridgeshire factory

How can I use Ombar in recipes?

Ombar chocolate is super tasty when stirred into porridge, scooped up with almond butter, gently melted and drizzled over fruit and cakes or used in sweet bakes and savoury recipes. You can find some of our favourite recipes here.

Why is Ombar chocolate different to conventional chocolate?

Here at Ombar, we value the health benefits of our ingredients too much to risk taking them away. So, unlike conventional chocolate, we never heat our cacao to the high temperatures that can be detrimental to these amazing benefits.

No roasting for us! We leave the beans out to dry in the open air, and later craft the cacao at a low heat. This means our decadent chocolate delivers a lot more of the good stuff. You can find out more here.

We also skip out the other unnecessary nasties, and don’t overload our bars with sugar.

Why is Ombar more expensive that other chocolate brands?

Quite simply, our chocolate costs more to make than many of the other brands on the market, this is because:

We pay more for our cacao than both the commodity price and fair trade recommended price and we source the highest quality cacao we can find.

We keep our cacao unroasted meaning our cacao growers follow specific and time-consuming steps to ensure excellent quality and food safety.

All of the ingredients we use are organic.

Instead of cheap refined sugar we source high quality coconut sugar from a family run plantation in the Philippines.

We don’t outsource our production – we make our chocolate ourselves in our small Cambridgeshire factory.

Where is Ombar based?

The Cambridgeshire village of Sawston is where the magic happens!

Our address:

Mood Foods Ltd
Units M4-M5,
Dales Manor Business Park,
East Way,
CB22 3TJ

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