Super Tasty

Ombelievably delicious

It’s a universal fact – chocolate should taste good! That’s why we can’t get enough of it, right? Which means, as well as all the other important ethical and better for you stuff, at Ombar we only make delicious, rich and utterly indulgent chocolate.

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Pure wholefood ingredients

The finest cacao from Ecuador, vanilla from Madagascar, unrefined coconut sugar from the Philippines and gently dried fruits from Europe. It takes a whole world of wonderful organic ingredients to make an Ombar - all preservative and additive free.

Real cacao flavour

Because our chocolate is made with unroasted cacao, you’ll experience real authentic cacao flavour straight from the bean. Each chocolate has its own distinct flavour profile, depending on where the beans were grown, the drying processes and the balance of ingredients in our recipes.

Ombar Spot The Difference Part 1

Om, nom, nom

We might not use dairy, but that doesn’t stop our chocolate being ultra-smooth and melty. By using naturally creamy coconuts or British naked oats, we more than deliver a melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness. And with every bar containing between 40% - 100% cacao, a super satisfying chocolate hit is guaranteed.

New-Fashioned Flavours

As the original super chocolate pioneers we never stop creating new and exciting flavours.

Keep your eyes peeled for a fresh bunch of Ombars coming your way soon.

Award winning

We think our chocolate is a taste sensation but don’t just take our word for it! We’ve won a whole host of national and international awards for deliciousness. From Great Taste and Natural & Organic Awards to Meilleurs Produits Bio we’ve picked up silverware across our whole range.

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