Our Mission

Change the way you think about chocolate

Ombar’s mission is to change the way the world sees chocolate. From cheap, sugary junk food, to cacao rich, nutrient dense super bar! It all started in 2007, when Richard, our founder, discovered that the original chocolate ingredient – the humble cacao bean - is a little gem of a superfood with huge health benefits. Dismayed that chocolate had lost its way, Richard vowed to champion good chocolate and put cacao back on top.

From Junk Food
To Super Food

We believe chocolate can be just as nourishing as it is indulgent. So we’re upping the cacao and adding extra nutrient rich ingredients to the mix.

From Cheap Commodity
To Precious ingredient

It’s time high quality cacao takes the limelight. It may be more expensive, but the cost on our health, the environment and those who farm it is much less.

From Sugary Generic Flavour
Real Taste of Cacao

We’ve scrapped the refined sugar, dairy and palm fat, and put high quality Ecuadorian nibs centre stage, so you get the true taste of real cacao in every bite.

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