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Eating sustainably - what’s in season in the UK this Summer?

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What is "seasonal eating"?

Seasonal eating is a super important aspect of sustainable living. If you’re wondering what “seasonal eating” actually is, the concept is basically that we should eat food that is grown at the same time as you eat it. As we have access to pretty much any food that’s grown anywhere at any time, a vital point to remember about seasonal eating is that we should eat food that’s being grown locally.

Eating locally sourced foods, rather than imported foods, is far better for the environment as it means fewer food miles are travelled. (This is one reason our super sustainable Oat M’lk chocolate, made with British-grown oats, has less half the carbon emissions of ‘regular’ milk chocolate!)

Seasonal eating isn’t just better environmentally, it’s also better economically. When food is not from your local area, it’ll either be grown in managed conditions or transported from another country, both of which incur big costs which increases the price you pay for the item. That’s why a mango, for example, is way more expensive than an apple in the UK.

As food that’s grown close to you won’t need to travel so far, it’ll also be fresher and tastier when you eat it.

Seasonal eating can be fun too! Challenging yourself to eat seasonal foods could introduce you to ingredients you might not usually use, so get creative! Experiment with some new recipes that make the most of the foods in your area, like chocolate fruit bark. Take any leftover fruit you buy or forage this season, cover in melted vegan chocolate (we love Ombar Coco Mylk chocolate for this) and then pop in the freezer for a super yummy, nutritious snack! It’s a great way to reduce food waste and tastes delicious, too. A win win!

What's in season in the UK right now?

Asparagus 💚

Asparagus is everywhere this time of year. Make the most of this lovely veg this May Bank Holiday when it’s at its freshest and most affordable by making a herby risotto or vegan tart.

    Lettuce 🥗

    Spring is the season of leafy green veg, including lettuce. Lettuce is an affordable and nutritious vegetable that you can pop on the side of any meal you cook up this Spring/Summer.

      Spinach 🥬

      Like lettuce, spinach is a nutritious and versatile ingredient that can be incorporated into a huge range of meals. Use as a base of a salad, blend into a smoothie or stir into a curry to get a big boost of iron and Vitamin A.

        Strawberries 🍓

        Strawberries are a sign that Summer’s on the way in the UK (think: Wimbledon). But if you’re tired of the strawberries and cream combo, try dunking your strawberries in melted Ombar 72% Cacao dairy-free chocolate. It’s an absolute game-changer!

          Spring Onions 🧅

          Unsurprisingly, Spring Onions also come into season in Spring. We recommend sprinkling some finely chopped Spring Onions onto your meals as a delicious, tangy garnish, or cooking into any savoury dish, like a stir fry or vegan frittata. They’re a great addition to almost anything!

            Will you be eating seasonally this Summer? Let us know!

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