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7 reasons to choose organic food this September

We're big advocates of organic here at Ombar - click here to find out why you should be too!

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What is Organic September?

Led by the Soil Association, Organic September celebrates everything organic – from food to beauty products. With lots of brands getting involved, the campaign encourages everyone to take on the organic challenge throughout the month of September, and then maybe beyond!

Organic September provides the perfect chance to try something new and to make some small changes to your lifestyle and diet that could have a big impact on the planet.

Why eat organic?

Here at Ombar, we are big advocates of organic food – believing that natural is always best! We only use the finest organic cacao in our delicious bars of Ombar chocolate, which is grown and harvested by farmers in Ecuador. Each chocolate bar is then naturally sweetened with organically grown coconut sugar from our friendly farmers in the Philippines.

So, here are just some of the reasons why Ombar believes organic is the way forward.

1. Eating organic reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals

Organically certified food is traceable, so you will know exactly what is in your bar of chocolate, stick of celery or punnet of strawberries. This means that you can be completely sure of what you are eating – with no hidden extras! The strict criteria around organic food labelling means that all produce is grown with natural plant fertilisers and no pesticides. Even after washing and cooking your food, some of these pesky pesticides remain in non-organic produce.

Organic apples - Organic September

2. Nutritional and delicious

Did you know that organic crops have up to 60 per cent more key antioxidants than conventionally grown veggies? A study by Newcastle University discovered that switching to eating organic fruit, vegetables and cereals would provide the equivalent to eating between 1-2 extra portions of fruit and veg a day!

3. GM free

Eating organic not only means chemical free, it also means GM free. If you want to reduce your consumption of genetically modified foods, you should switch to organic products. This also extends to hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and artificial preservatives – a breath of fresh air for those with sensitivities to these food additions.

Raw cacao - cocoa beans from Ecuador

4. Organic means better animal welfare

Animals raised organically are free range, with plenty of space and a diet that is as natural as possible, with no nasty growth hormones. This means that when you buy organic chicken, pork, eggs, milk or cheese you have the peace of mind that the animals involved in this process have had a happier, healthier life.

If you’re vegetarian or simply looking to make a difference for the animals, then eating organic is definitely the more ethical choice.

5. It’s more environmentally sustainable

And better for the planet! The use of pesticides in conventional food production can pollute water, affect our bees, and have a negative impact on the environment for future generations. In fact, according to the Soil Association, widespread adoption of organic farming processes in the UK could offset at least 23 per cent of UK agriculture’s current official Greenhouse Gas emissions.

6. Organic protects our wildlife

Insecticides are designed to kill off weeds, insects and other pests that attack crops. However, some insects, such as the declining honeybee, are essential to our ecosystem. Organic farming methods provide the perfect habitat for wildlife to thrive, as organic farmers work in harmony with nature, rather than battling against it.


7. A wealth of support

With so many companies getting involved in Organic September, you will find there’s plenty of help, tips and advice readily available, making eating organic more accessible than ever. So why not make one or two changes to your shopping basket this September? Find out more on the Soil Association’s website or follow the hashtag #OrganicSeptember on Twitter and Instagram for more inspiration.