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The new Ombar Centres Pistachio has arrived!

And it sure is good...

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Chocolate lovers rejoice… our latest flavour has landed!

Ombar Centres Pistachio

A decadently creamy, nutty pistachio truffle meets our classic 60% unroasted chocolate in a delicious combination. This could be our most indulgent Ombar yet! And who doesn’t love the distinctive, yet delicate, buttery and smooth taste of pistachios? This awesome little nut is a treasured, culinary delicacy in many countries, and is so delicious that, legend has it, the Queen of Sheba decreed pistachios as an exclusively royal food, forbidding commoners from growing the nut for personal use!1 Luckily this isn’t the case today and we can all feel like royalty as we sink our teeth into this beautifully-flavoured Pistachio Ombar.

Made using the best Ecuadorian raw cacao, Centres Pistachio is all-natural, plant-based and free from refined sugar. Like the whole of the Ombar range, this new pistachio chocolate bar is made using unroasted cacao and low temperature processing, keeping it choc-full of the nutrients and rich flavours that nature intended. Our new pistachio centred raw chocolate bar is certified organic and made with ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s chocolate you can feel good about!

Pistachio Ombar is the latest addition to our best-selling Ombar Centres range. If you’ve never tried one of our Centres chocolate bars before, then you’re in for a real treat! Uniquely different from our solid chocolate bars, all the flavours in our Centres range have a creamy, smooth truffle centre coated in a layer of our classic raw chocolate, making them a delight to bite into as your teeth sink through both the outer chocolate and the velvety filling. A pleasure on the palette, these are possibly the creamiest vegan chocolate combinations ever! Our original Centres range comes in two flavours: Coconut and Vanilla and Raspberry and Coconut. And now we’ve added our delectable new edition: Pistachio!

We love making seriously good chocolate that not only nourishes the body but also the soul. Unsurprisingly, eating chocolate has been proven to improve one’s mood. Cacao contains natural active chemicals, such as theobromine and phenethylamine, which release ‘feel good’ emotions2. But alongside this, eating chocolate just makes you feel good because it tastes om-mazing! And in this hectic world we live in, every one of us, every day needs a moment of comfort and bliss. We call this the Om moment.

We hope that by creating this deliciously indulgent chocolate we’re helping you take the time to pause, take a deep breath, centre yourself, and enjoy a little piece of pleasure just for you.

Seize your Om moment today and embrace the bliss.

You can find our new Ombar Centres Pistachio in Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Revital, and lots of independent health food shops. Or, buy it online directly from our factory.