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Choc Meditation IG v1535633278

Ombar Chocolate Meditation

Goji bowl FB V1 v1530878453

Five potential health benefits of goji berries

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Meet Paola, Our Cacao Supply Chain Manager

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Cacao Versus Cocoa

Vegan V3 v1526995684

Can Vegans Eat Chocolate?

Fair For Life THIS IMAGE v1524148637

Ombar Chocolate's Social Impact: Fair for Life Certification

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Bring on the Berries!

Helathy Chocolate v1524132449

Is there such a thing as healthy chocolate?

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How to Make Your Own Ombar Chocolate Easter Basket

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The History of Chocolate: The Wonder Years

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Can Cacao Boost Your Brain?

Heart Chakra V4 v1518083273

Cacao and the Heart: A Love Story

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3 Environmental Benefits of Going Vegan