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5 ways to stay healthy on holiday

Here’s our guide on how to feel revitalised not only while you’re away on holiday, but when you get home too.

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There’s no doubt about it - holidays do wonders for your health. The perfect opportunity to kick back and escape the stresses of everyday life, a getaway is usually sure to improve both your physical and emotional well-being.

Having said that, whether you’re escaping to a beach for a week in the sun or exploring new cities, time away from your normal routine can sometimes leave you returning home feeling worse for wear. Here’s our guide on how to feel revitalised not only while you’re away on holiday, but when you get home too.

Stay hydrated

Although it may seem obvious, keeping yourself hydrated is easily forgotten when you’re out of your usual routine. A combination of travelling, warmer climates, alcohol and air conditioning can often result in dehydration, so it’s important to keep your water intake topped up. Make sure you drink plenty of water before you fly, and ensure you have a water bottle to carry with you throughout the holiday. You’ll need it on those hot days when you’re on the move.

Avoid the junk

Holidays are all about relaxing and enjoying yourself, but try to avoid too much processed food while away from home. Airports are full of readily available junk food, which may give you a sugar rush, but will inevitably result in a sudden energy slump. Plan what you’ll eat on your journey to prevent any sudden sugary purchases!

Prepare some fruit for the flight, or a handful of nuts and seeds to keep you going. Ombar chocolate is full of all-natural ingredients such as unrefined coconut sugar, and comes in handy 35g bars, perfect to take along with you to combat any sweet cravings.

Stay active

Keeping active may not be everyone’s idea of an enjoyable holiday, but those who enjoy a regular workout routine may not want to break the habit. If you want to exercise while you’re away, it could be argued that there is no better opportunity than new surroundings to get active.

Take in the views by sight-seeing on foot, or embrace a quiet morning at the beach with a yoga session. A holiday is a perfect excuse to be adventurous - why not challenge yourself with a new activity like rock climbing or tai chi in a new environment?

Be sun-savvy

The sun is a sure-fire mood booster, and is proven to increase vitality and energy. Although sunlight has lots of health benefits, keep your exposure to a minimum by spending no more than 10 minutes outside during the hottest time of the day without sunscreen. Eating purple fruits such as blueberries and grapes is said to reduce the breakdown of collagen, so keep some handy as a healthy and refreshing snack in the daytime sun.

Take time to unwind

As tempting as it may be to quickly check your inbox, try to keep your work at home. Clearing your mind from your daily stresses will allow you to decompress and relax, which is why you booked the holiday in the first place! Turn off your phone, and spend your time on holiday doing activities you enjoy - whether that be with your family and friends, or alone. Meditating is a great way of relieving any stress and holidays often come hand in hand with beautiful locations in which to meditate.

The most important thing to remember when on holiday is to relax! Holidays have been proven to improve your happiness, and just a few practices will ensure that you return feeling rested and rejuvenated.