Ombar is a B Corp!

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What Is BCORP?

B Corps™ are a network of companies working together to create a global economy that benefits all people, communities, and the planet. To achieve certification, an organisation must score highly in a rigorous assessment of their impact on workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. We’re proud to belong to a network of organisations that use business as a force for good in the world.

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Why did we want to certify as B Corp?

Treating the planet, the people who live in it and the food it creates with respect has been intrinsic to Ombar from the day we started fifteen years ago. Our motivation has always been to change the perception around chocolate – making it healthier, more ethically-produced and of course, more sustainable.

What makes us a BCorp?

We’re committed to making the journey from bean to bar as sustainable and ethical as possible.

Here's how we try and have a positive impact in the world:

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We want to make a positive difference in the world. We’re proud to donate 3p from every bar of our Oat M’lk range to Fundación Jocotoco to aid their reforestation of the Choco rainforest in Ecuador. This donation will help preserve primary forests that have been threatened by the deforestation caused by mass farming.

Fundación Jocotoco is an environmental NGO that protects areas of critical importance to help conserve threatened species in Ecuador. Click to learn more about their vital work.


We believe small changes add up to make a big impact. That’s why we made our super sustainable Oat M’lk range. This innovative chocolate has half the carbon emissions of regular milk chocolate, and we are the first chocolate to climate label.

We partnered with Carbon Cloud, a climate footprint software company, to map our entire chocolate making process.

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We want to have a positive impact on local communities in Ecuador and the UK. That's why we're proud to be a certified Living Wage Foundation and Fair for Life company. These certifications show that workers at all points of the supply chain are working in safe environments for the fair wage they deserve.

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Fair Trade

Ombar works closely with cacao suppliers and farmer’s cooperatives in Ecuador to ensure that farmers are paid a fair price, above local market average, for the cacao they work so hard to produce.

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What's next for Ombar?

We're so proud of our B Corp certification, but we will always strive to improve. We want to improve our social and environmental impact in the world, and we have a plan to make that happen...

We are going to help the local Ecuadorian community by working on projects to help improve cacao productivity, increase family income and protect the environment. For example, we’re supporting plans to develop agroforestry practices like pruning and fertilising, the in-depth analysis of fermentation processes, and the mapping of primary forests, which will show the extent of deforestation and help conserve ancient lands and the traditions associated with them.

We're committed to being a force for good in the world. We're going to continue evolving and learning on this journey to make a positive future for the people and planet, as a member of the B Corp community.

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